Why plain and standardized packaging

The Canadian Coalition for Action on Tobacco created this site to help raise awareness of the need of plain and standardized tobacco packaging in Canada. Currently, 18% of Canadians smoke and this represents 5.4 million Canadians. 

Closing the loophole on the tobacco industry’s most important remaining form of advertising is vital in protecting future generations from a lifetime of addiction and possible premature death.

CCAT is a national coalition of leading health and tobacco control organizations, including the Canadian Cancer Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Lung Association, Canadian Dental Association, Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada, and the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association.


  • Canadian Cancer Society’s: International overview
  • The case for plain and standardized packaging from the Non Smokers’ Rights Association 
  • Correcting the myths on plain and standardized tobacco packaging 
  • World Health Organization — Plain packaging of tobacco products: evidence, design and implementation 
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation’s information on plain and standardized packaging
  • Australian experience
  • Tobacco industry tactics

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